Upon Viewing Bruegel’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus”

I was born into self-actualization,
I knew exactly who I was,
but I never got my chance to be young.
So when you lay me inside of a coffin,
bury me on the side of the hill.
That’s a good place to get some thinking done.
It didn’t work out the way that I planned it.
They all seem to want to take it away,
everything that I thought to be true.
So it’s obvious to me somebody, somewhere
must have really done a number on you
and I know because the fuckers got me too.
All the pretty horses,
all flowers and trees,
they will all mean less than nothing
when it all has come to be.
God sent me a vision of the future
in a dream on a Saturday night
and I see no reason to celebrate.
For when I saw it I wept like a child.
It came to me like a knife in the chest.
You and me and everyone, forever, to ache and ache and ache.
So Father, if it’s possible,
let this cup pass me by.
But if it can’t without my drinking it,
then thy will be done.