Titus Andronicus

Local Business

Titus Andronicus believe in Local Business, the concept and the many independent institutions nationwide, and as they embark on their 40+ date US tour, the band has invited fans around the country to celebrate and support local businesses in their cities.

#localbusinessforever is a call to action, a rolling series of "Local Business Days" (following, of course, the Titus tour route), celebrating the release of Titus Andronicus' new album Local Business and the vitality of local businesses nationwide. Anchored by local music venues and record stores (key local businesses for any touring band) #localbusinessforever invites you to share with the band your favorite establishments - stores, restaurants, bars, and hidden gems in your hometown - so that they can visit and patronize the best independent businesses in America, and encourage their fans to do so, as well.

When Titus hits your town, IT IS LOCAL BUSINESS DAY, so get out that day and support your favorite independent haunts in every sector. Titus Andronicus will be spending the next 6 weeks criss-crossing the US, so tell them where you think they should stop in your town, and look for the band's feedback on Twitter and this page. #localbusinessforever. Titus Andronicus think so.

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