February 2, 2017

 photo ACLU_zpsfhw3ajde.jpg

Did you know that Titus Andronicus [hereafter +@] has an official Bandcamp page? It’s true – there, you can listen to +@ releases such as The Most Lamentable Tragedy and S+@DIUM ROCK for free with an option to buy in MP3 / FLAC format. Bandcamp, upstanding company that it is, has announced that on Friday, February the 3rd, it will donate all of its proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, in recognition of the many terrible ways that our government is now working to violate the civil rights of so many Americans.

Merge Records, heeding this call, has likewise announced that they will donate their share of Friday’s Bandcamp proceeds to the ACLU as well – really, they’re “making a donation to the ACLU matching 100% of proceeds on Merge Bandcamp purchases,” so, same thing.

Recognizing the justness of this action, +@ hereby announces that we too will “match 100% of proceeds” of Friday’s Bandcamp purchases of +@ music. Any money that +@ might have gotten for Friday’s sales on Bandcamp will instead go to those who fight to preserve the remaining good ideas of our troubled republic.

If you notice you are a little light on +@ music that you can take with you anywhere, even strange places where you cannot access the internet, and you feel concerned and upset about recent developments within our society, then this Friday is the perfect time to act, knowing that, for once, the money you spend on rock tracks will go to a worthy cause and not towards the further prolonging of a slovenly manchild’s stunted adolescence.

Please note that Bandcamp allows you to set yr own price when paying for MP3s or FLACs – for instance, the 29 tracks of The Most Lamentable Tragedy can be had for “$11 USD or more,” so it is up to you how generous you want to be. No reason why 29 tracks aren’t worth $29 if it is for a worthy cause, right? Think about it.